Bundle Smart Locks, Rental Payments and Concierge Services

Combine Smart Locks and Keys with Concierge Services

We parter with SaltoSystems.com to provide an amazing smart lock service used by leading hotels, universities and offices.

Rent payments and reminders

One app to rule them all. Get rent reminders and pay your rent from a single app. Integrates with your existing portal.

Dog Walkers!

Residents can give app based keys to dog walkers or houskeepers based on date and time range. Get a message when they enter and leave.

Image of smart locks and app home screen mockup

Upgrade to Cloud Access

Salto Systems offer both Fob and App access. Residents can distribute and block keys online. Property Managers can re-key instantly from any location.

Control the Lock From Anywhere

Grant access no matter where you are. The app allows you to open the door from anywhere in the world via wifi/ethernet or cellular network

Luxury + Convenience = Higher Rent and Occupancy

Contact us to see how we can generate 30% IRR for your property.

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