Carterro TV FAQ

For all NewsPins and StormPins apps

Update your App to the latest version first!

We are changing features on a monthly basis. Please make sure your app is up to date as that may solve many of your issues.

You Must Enable GPS and Location Services

Android users may have issues where the app cannot “find” them. Make sure GPS is on and within your settings on your phone you need to enable location services. The app is 100% location based and will not work without access to your location.

Help! I'm having trouble logging in.

We sent you a confirmation email that will enable your account. It may have gone to your spam folder. Open the app and click the “trouble logging in” link and enter your email. If you don’t get that email, contact us and we will manually activate it for you.

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How do I load a photo or video?

Start at the Drop Pin Menu and select the location of your pin. You can press and hold with your finger or you can drop at your current location using the “Drop Pin” button at the top left of the map. Once the pin type has been selected click on the photo or video icon, add a comment and hit submit.

How do I drop a pin in another location?

You can drop a pin 2 different ways. A button at the top left of the drop pin screen will drop a your last recorded location. You can also press and hold the map anywhere or 1 second and drop a pin. We did that so you can get to safety or another person can relay your report and then drop a pin.

Someone loaded a fake photo or pin. Can I remove it?

If someone posts an incorrect or inappropriate pin you can vote it off by opening the pin and at the top left select “Report Bad Pin”. With enough votes it will come off the map.

I have a different problem or question.

Contact us!